A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A Role-Playing Improv game where the cards control the story!

Each player has a goal and a character trait based on the cards they draw.

Install instructions

Just download the PDF and enjoy!


Four Suits Storytelling.pdf 98 kB


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This has the potential to be a fun and accessible game. However, I would recommend on refining the rules a bit more and adding elements of secrecy. Plus, adding a situation that can completely change the game status would be a recommended adition in order to make it all less predictible.

I get a bit of a Fiasco vibe from what you have here. There is a lot more structure and emphasis on winning which I feel is not needed. Using the cards to generate random interaction that the players have to play out feels like a interesting party game though. 

*Disclaimer: I haven't played this, I've only read through the rules.

This looks interesting, I like the idea of a role-playing game that you can play with just a deck of cards! My first impression is that the mechanics interfere with player expression too much for my liking (in that the cards, rather than player interpretation, decide what each character does). I'm noticing now that you specified "improv" game, though, so maybe I'm off-base if I'm comparing it to something like Dungeons & Dragons?